Tea and Tolerance is a participatory art installation founded by artists Jason Hird, Lucy Meredith and Zoe Parker in September 2014. The aim of the organisation is to get people talking, thinking and doing imaginative things with each other.

Through this work, we are interested in exploring into Social Sculpture. Social sculpture encourages  trans-disciplinary creativity and vision towards the shaping of a humane and viable society. It embraces the role of imagination and other modes of thought in the transformative process.Ultimately, we are interested in using creativity with people, to evolve the kind of world we would like to live in and leave for the next generation.

Through co-curation and co-production, we create things and talk with people about how they feel about themselves, their culture and their surroundings. With an aim to producing a handbook for being human in the 21st Century.

Tea and Tolerance – the initial art installation is a roaming tea trolley with various receptacles that represent an ecclectic and diverse environment. People become curious and approach us, then are invited by two hosts to pick a pot and then inside are small scrolls containing questions. from here, we talk…

Nothing is compulsory and everything recommended.

DrawingACollaboration – combines the trolley conversational structure with drawing. In this participatory installation, a visual artist ( Tom Bailey) turns their ideas  into simple drawings with headlines. Participants can also add their own headlines and drawings. Through the collation of these ideas and pictures together, a larger perspective on what a group of people or community think in response to the questions they answer evolves. We start to get a sense of the collective voice in space.

21st Century Human Project – We are embarking on the creation of a handbook for being Human in the 21st century. We wish to co-author this with people – curating and producing content, structures and styles with as many people as possible. We are in the first stages at the moment.



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